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We use exclusively natural, raw, organic ingredients. Learn more about our ingredients here.

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Dates, with their high fructose content, are excellent sources of energy. They also contain many nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, calcium and lots of potassium, which is good for heart health and blood pressure. They contain a lot of fiber - which boosts digestion, strengthens the immune system and helps keep cholesterol levels low.

Cacao Powder

Aztecs and Mayans nicknamed it "food of the gods". Raw cacao is rich in essential nutrients, such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin E. The high magnesium content is especially beneficial for your nerves and muscles. Cacao is rich in antioxidants. These keep cells healthy and reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer or dementia. Consuming cacao lowers blood pressure and improves the cardiovascular system.


Almonds are an excellent source of fiber, plant protein and healthy fats, which regulate blood lipid levels and thus protect the heart. They also offer a lot of magnesium, calcium, vitamin E, B vitamins and numerous antioxidants.


Coconut contains plenty of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. But what makes coconut especially wholesome are the healthy fatty acids, which boost the immune system.


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